The pastoral life in Psiloritis has had a decisive effect over time on the economic structure, social organization, cohesion as well as cultural character of the mountain communities that surround the mountain of Ida (Psiloritis) for millennia.
The shepherding of Psiloritis, as they are called in the local dialect, defines a wide field of unwritten institutions and rituals, techniques, and customary practices, which have formed a perennially active social network, the shepherds of Psiloritis. The concept of shepherding is essentially the matrix of a set of cultural elements that co-create the world of the shepherd of Psiloritis. This world of pastoral life, shaped to a great extent the physiognomy and the code of values of the communities that developed at the roots of the mountain of Ida (Psiloritis), and today perhaps more than ever they need to be recorded, interpreted, highlighted, and disseminated.



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