The IDAology research program is a consortium of cultural mediation, cutting-edge technologies, and scientific documentation.

The aim is to collect, record and return to the local and global community as digital data the special characteristics of the pastoral activity and culture of the shepherds of Psiloritis.

With interaction and cooperation with the people who live and work in the mountainous environment of Psiloritis as a key tool, the following will result:

1) A research repository as a digital database in more than one language about the shepherd’s life which will include living narratives, recording the action and everyday elements that makeup shepherding.

2) A virtual reality software application (in a 360-degree digital environment) that will give everyone the opportunity to be transported to the natural environment of Psiloritis experiencing as an active observer the complex reality of shepherding.

3) A book for students and children where modern technological means of augmented reality will be able to bring to life scenes, of heroic traditions from a mountain with its timeless protagonist its’ shepherd.


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