IDAology Press Release

IDAology: Recording and preservation of the intangible cultural heritage in Psiloritis and especially the pastoral experience in the context of a new research program.

The Pastoral experience and in general the intangible cultural heritage in the communities of Ida, of today’s Psiloritis, will be investigated and recorded in order to preserve, highlight, promote and study the special characteristics of the pastoral activity and culture of the shepherds of the mountainous massif. The above activity and culture, which is summed up in the term shepherding familiar to the local population, has been the dominant source of the region’s economic, social and cultural wealth since ancient times. The recording will be carried out with the assistance of new innovative technologies in the context of the implementation of the project “IDAology: The pastoral experience in the communities of Ida (PSILOREITIS GEOPARK) as an augmented reality experience and a digital repository of the Intangible cultural heritage of the mountain” which is implemented in the framework of the Action RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and national resources through the Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPANEK) programe.

The project will be based on technologies for the digital recording and documentation of customary features with the use of appropriate IT documentation systems as well as the creation of a digital repository, so that through representations but also real records of people, events, events and in general the lifestyle of the people of the area to record and highlight the different characteristics of the pastoral experience. At the same time, the purpose of the project is, through virtual and augmented reality technologies, to achieve an experiential experience in space and time, placing the user individually in the “physical” space and time, where an action takes place, providing visual and audio supports using individual viewing devices.

The program, lasting 30 months, is coordinated by the Institute of Informatics of the Technology and Research Foundation with the Coordinator Prof. M. Tsiknakis (Professor of Informatics) from the Computational Bio-Medicine Laboratory and with the Scientific Manager of the project the Minister Dr. G. Kalomiris (Archaeologist & Cultural administrator) from Cultural Management Androidus Project Tank based in Anogeia. The consortium of the project consists of the Center for Research and Studies of the University of Crete for the Humanities, Social and Educational Sciences with the Laboratory “Optical Anthropology. Image, musical text” and the “Study Center for Social Gender”, headed by Professor of Social Anthropology Ar. Chandiropoulos.

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