Documentary presentation and announcement of the foundation of the Psiloritis Textile School

An event on the theme of Shepherding and the Shepherd’s world in Psiloritis as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece, took place on Friday, 7/29/2022, at the ARMI Central Square of the Municipality of Anogeia. The occasion was the inclusion of Voskiki (Shepherding) in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece, which came as a result of a collective and participatory effort. Pastoral life in Psiloritis is the combination of elements that make up both the animal husbandry activity and the culture that develops in the pastoral communities and over time has a decisive effect on the value system, the economic structure, the social organization, the cohesion as well as the cultural character of the mountainous and semi-mountainous communities of the Ida mountains.

The event was attended by the Deputy Minister responsible for Contemporary Culture, Nikolas Giatromanolakis, who announced the establishment of a School of Weaving in Anogeia.

The Androidus Project Tank team participated in the consultation, the formation of the school of training, education and entrepreneurship for the art of weaving in Crete and is already on track for implementation. The school of weaving is important to be an active cell of cultural creation, startups and female entrepreneurship, rediscovering the lost link in the generations of the loom and the frame by connecting them with business education, branding and marketing tools and digital reality.

The ethnographic documentary “Niza, the Oath of the Shepherds”, which was created by Androidus Project Tank with the support of the Ministry of Culture, was presented at the event. Through the creation of the ethnographic documentary, a first audiovisual reference is made, beginning with the oath, to the manners and customary traditions, which composed the rich cultural heritage of Psiloritis and the world of shepherds



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