An Augmented Reality Children’s Book Edutainment through Participatory Content Creation and Promotion Based on the Pastoral Life of Psiloritis

Antonis Ntagiantas , Markos Konstantakis, John Aliprantis, Dimitris Manousos, Lefteris Koumakis and George Caridakis

Abstract: Augmented reality (AR) provides excellent learning potential, especially in a school
environment. Multiple students can share the virtual scene and interact with it using the mobile
interface as a hand-held display in AR children’s books. Students’ participation is an essential element
of learning, and one of AR’s greatest strengths is its ability to promote collaborative experiences. An
augmented reality children’s book edutainment through participatory content creation and promotion
based on the pastoral life of Psiloritis has been recommended through this study, highlighting the
features of AR to reveal educational values unique to AR and studying approaches for incorporating
these characteristics into the typical education curriculum.
Keywords: augmented reality; digital book; digital storytelling; serious games; edutainment; content
creation; participatory design; intangible cultural heritage; collaboration

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